Your choice for collections partners 

Receivable Management, Inc has devoted itself to providing collection services exclusively to the Healthcare Industry since 1984. We are proud to say that we maintain long-term quality client partnerships with many major healthcare systems. We provide the healthcare industry with superior service, processing in excess of one Billion Dollars in accounts receivable, with excellent recovery results. RMI serves clients in multiple states and has offices in Arlington and Houston, Texas.

Why choose RMI?

We know you have many choices when selecting a collection vendor. The many firms providing collection services these days include "new faces", seeking to expand their traditional agency tactics and approach into the medical industry. Other newcomers are actually technology companies, attempting to append medical collection services to their processes. Missing is the collective experience, aptitude and understanding of an agency partner that has dedicated itself to your business over the long haul. For over a quarter of a century, RMI has proven itself as a valued partner to the Healthcare Industry, providing superior service and recoveries for our clients.

There are many valuable reasons why our satisfied clients recommend RMI, including:

Superior Service: A strong commitment to superior service has set RMI apart in the industry.

  • Prompt, courteous and responsive to your needs

  • Your business will be a priority at RMI

  • Your customer is our customer

  • We understand the importance of providing quality service to your customers and patients in our competitive, consumer-driven healthcare industry

  • RMI becomes your partner in providing quality patient outcomes

  • A positive, affirming, solution-oriented extension to your business operations

  • We do what you would do if you had the time and resources

Experience: RMI has been in business since 1984, maintaining continuity of ownership and vision. Our business has been built one satisfied client at a time.

  • RMI experience includes many years of actual healthcare business office management experience.

  • Our senior management team averages over 25 years of healthcare collection experience

  • We have first-hand understanding of the unique challenges presented by healthcare revenue cycle management.

  • We understand your cash flow requirement

  • Positive patient/community rapport

  • We understand the multitude of financial and reporting accountabilities

Our People: Simply put, our people bring it all together and make it work for you.

  • We go to great lengths to employ a team of healthcare financial professionals

  • People who are motivated, well-trained and conscientious about their work

  • People with a sense of urgency

  • People with your best interests in mind

  • People who take pride in producing the results that make you look good.


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