Our Core Principles

Receivable Management, Inc. is committed to the following Core Principles:


  • Honesty in all of our interactions with our clients and their customers
  • Treat all consumers with dignity and respect
  • Compliance with all laws, regulations and RMI's Code of Ethics and Conduct
  • Maintain the respect and trust of our clients through consistent, right practices

Foremost Focus on our Clients

  • Understanding our Clients' needs, priorities and goals
  • Urgent responsiveness to our Client's needs
  • Dedication to open communication with our Clients
  • Deliver high-value service and return for our Clients
  • In every way, represent our Clients in a positive manner

Investing in our People: our greatest resource

  • Employing people who are a match for our mission and values
  • Providing quality ongoing education and training to equip for excellence
  • Open communication of expectations, goals and performance
  • Teaching the values of trusted teamwork and interdependence

Promotion of Excellence

  • Providing clear definitions of excellence
  • Maintaining a culture that supports conscientious, well-trained , skilled and professional employees
  • Accountability for maintaining excellent work habits
  • Promoting an environment in which excellence is encouraged, expected, recognized and rewarded


  • An ongoing commitment to achieving superior results
  • Ongoing examination of methods and tactics and measurement of results
  • Adjusting methods and tactics as needed to improve results and redefining the possibilities
  • Corporately acknowledging achievement



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