Data Security & Compliance


Security and compliance are a primary focus at RMI and part of our core culture. Receivable Management, Inc. maintains mandatory compliance training and testing, Acceptable Use Policies, and secured systems and facilities to effectively safeguard the privacy of data. We see compliance and data security not "just" as very serious legal requirements or best practices but as a critical matter of trust.

HIPAA, FDCPA, and FCRA Compliance: All RMI employees are required to undergo training and testing to demonstrate complete mastery of all aspects of legal compliance prior to ever accessing account information. All employees are required to demonstrate complete mastery of all aspects of compliance through testing every 6 months, or more frequently.

Employee compliance is a key part of all regular employee work reviews. Work reviews involve a variety of formats including formal written review of account documentation, formal written review/critique of call recordings as well as ongoing monitoring by supervisory staff who work in close proximity to those they supervise.

Recognizing ongoing changes in our industry, RMI staff maintains up-to-date compliance training, utilizing state- of- the- industry updates provided by key trade organizations such as HFMA, AAHAM and ACA International.

Secured Facilities: RMI's building and offices have secured access, requiring employee access codes. Our building is owned and used exclusively by RMI and does not have public access. The building and grounds are equipped with 24-hour electronic surveillance equipment.

Secured Server: RMI's server is firewall protected. All routers and firewalls are updated regularly.

Secured system Log-in: System access is protected by a dual layer of employee password requirements

Secure Transmission of Data: All transmission of private information is performed via a secured/encrypted method


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