Our Technology Tools

Receivable Management, Inc. is dedicated to providing the most effective technology tools to improve the results we provide for our clients:

Columbia Ultimate Business Systems (CUBS) The Collector System: RMI utilizes the state-of-the-art CUBS Collector System. RMI has been a CUBS user since 1985. The CUBS system is highly flexible, is upgraded annually or more frequently and allows in-house custom tailoring to meet a variety of client needs and requirements. We have the ability to use recall statements to create account data lists, work lists, ad hoc reports, etc. from a virtually unlimited array of data elements. RMI has the ability to create new data elements to address the unique needs for working your accounts. Since 1985, RMI has customized our system to enable us to be very effective at servicing our clients' changing needs.

Timely, Accurate and Useful Client Reports: RMI's system provides an array of user-friendly reports for our clients to track account flows, define and manage account inventory, account status and batch-tracked history performance. As an RMI client, you can be assured of being provided timely and accurate reports.

Predictive Dialing: RMI's predictive dialer is fully integrated with our collection software. Our dialer effectively triples our collectors' productivity.

Account Scoring: RMI utilizes a Medical Account Scoring system to predict the collectability of accounts; this allows us to work your accounts "smarter" to maximize recoveries for you.

Account Data Scrubbing and Skiptracing: RMI processes accounts through data scrubbing and skiptrace databases to identify current location information. Collectors also have the ability to check on-line skip sources as needed.

Electronic Data Transfer: RMI can receive account placements, account updates and return accounts to our clients through a variety of secure, automated methods, at intervals (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) defined by the needs and requirements of our clients.

Secure Interface with Client System: RMI can interface with your account system via a web-based connection or via a secured NAT/Tunnel connection, as agreed upon and established by our respective I.S. Departments. RMI has many years of experience utilizing our clients' systems to allow us to more fully and independently service their accounts.

Call Monitoring and Recording: RMI's phone system allows for supervisory monitoring and automatic recording of all collection calls. Recordings of calls can be promptly provided to our clients upon request via a digital WAV file.

Automated Payment Plan Monitoring/Statements: RMI's system allows for partial payment plans to be set up (subject to client guidelines). Consumers will automatically receive a statement/payment reminder on a monthly basis.

Disaster Recovery: RMI maintains backup systems in the event of system failure due to natural disaster or otherwise. RMI uses a dual backup methodology. All of our Direct Access Storage Devices are redundant. We maintain a complete backup of the live data. In addition, we do a complete backup nightly to secured archiving media.

RMI uses NCE's Disaster Recovery Services for design of a disaster recovery plan and implementation of the plan if needed.


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